Lactation Consultant & Baby Sleep Consultant

Coaching with sleeping issues
Antenatal and Postnatal sessions
Home visits, Phone, Skype

Milk supply Problems breast lumps blocked ducts, mastitis  Nipple thrush,  nipple pain, nipple damage
Gestational Diabetes Delay in lactogenesis II Medical reasons for mum and or baby
"I just have know idea"

Raynauds Syndrome Engorgement Breastfeeding with a fast flow or a slow flow

Premature baby Twins, Attachment problems, tongue ties and lip ties, slow to no weight gain 

Breast Surgery                  Separated from baby           Expressing hand or pump
Fussy baby Sleepy baby An unsettled baby
Reflux, regurgitation and vomiting  Baby sleep issues Emotional support

Returning to work.

Breastfeeding with
a nipple shield

Breast Refusal
Feeds taking longer than 1 hour
Not enjoying breastfeeding
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